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Just got back into the writing scene; never posted a BSB slash fic on LJ before.  I hope someone reads this and comments so I know whether or not to continue writing.  Oh, and I did this pairing because it's kind of rare and hope it works.

Everyone's Least Favorite
Pairing: Justin Timberlake/Brian Littrell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't know any of them.  Matter of fact, I probably never will.  I do know fiction.  She's a nice lady and she'll let you know that, "This is all fake." I don't know if all the things are accurate from a timeline perspective so forgive me for that.
Summary: Justin's known for a long time that he's admired Brian... But he can't figure out what to do after that.

When he's 12 and on the Mickey Mouse Club, he doesn't fall into the typical traps that shouldn't come with being that young and on television but it does anyway.Collapse )

Make the Yuletide Gay 2010

Happy holidays everyone! The annual Make the Yuletide Gay holiday exchange stories are now posted, and there is lots of Backstreet (and NSync) slashy goodness! As always there are some really wonderful stories, and thanks so much to all of you who participated!

Backstreet stories are listed here! If you have time please do send feedback to the authors and brighten their spirit! If you didn't participate in the challenge you can sign up here for a Reader Account to send feedback. Thanks everyone, and stay warm!

Hey, I'm new

hey im new here, but I wanted somewhere to post this and get some opinions on it. Im thinking of turning it to a longer story, so I would love feedback, thanks! its angsty by the way lol an it's AROK, which I love :)

 Title Untitled
Author Val
Pairing AROK, though only hinted really
Rating R I guess
Author's Notes angsty, but thats about it. Suicide warning


HIs marriage was overCollapse )

Some Howie/Nick

Title: Silver Screen Fantasies
Author" citruslover
Fanfic100 Prompt: 074. Dark
Pairing: Howie/Nick
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Howie really isn’t into public sex. Nick is really into pushing Howie’s buttons. Basically more smut; not sure how I feel about that. Partially inspired by Backstreet’s song PDA.

“Nick, would you knock it off?” Howie says, with more resignation than real anger...

Backstreet slash fic

So i dont know if anyone still comes here but i'll post this anyway. I'm colecting bsb slash fic so thats way i can put them somewhere where wont be lost and we can read it all the time. If you have any slash bsb fic you want to share feel free to send me


here is my map of fictions


I need some time and then here will be a lot of bsb slash fic. Some of them are old some are new. Most of them are nick/kevin .
You'll see. Go check  it out!!

New Kevin/Nick

Title: Chill Before Serving
Author: citruslover
Pairing: Kevin/Nick
Rating: NC-17
Author’s Notes: Nick and Kevin each have their own idea about how to celebrate, with a little friendly—and messy—competition. Written for barbygirl18 over at fic_requests. Timeframe in my head is the Black and Blue era.

Nick raises an eyebrow. "Champagne. Really, Kev? God, you’re predictable."

Trying to find this story!

Sorry I don't have a story to post but I'm actually looking for one. A loooong time ago, maybe 6 or so years I'm thinking, I read a story based on that country song "You Don't Love Me Anymore" by Tim McGraw. The main character was Nick and his opposite was a female. From what I can remember, they had dated and were in love and then broke up for a few years and they run into each other somewhere, a restaurant at a bus stop I think. Nick realized the past is the past and it's time to move on. The story was awesome and really well written and I've been looking for a while trying to find it. If anyone knows where I can find this or somewhere else to search, please please please let me know! Thanks :)
Title: “Best Sleep You’ll Ever Have with a Cold” Medicine
Pairing/Person: Kevin Richardson/AJ McLean
Table #, Prompt: Table 3, #28 Endure
Rating: PG-13, rated for cursing
Word Count: 3,297
Notes/Warnings: Cross-posted like whoa. Set during the ‘Up Close & Personal’ Tour. Written for rps50, answering this two year old request, and apparently Friday of this week is Kevin/AJ day <3
Disclaimer: None of this happened; all of this is purely fictional.

It should be noted that they all really hated taking NyQuil. Well...everyone except Howie.
I signed up for a fanfic request challenge of sorts and know that most of my friends list won't be requesting so I'm here to see if anybody has a request/idea they'd like to see written out. Please check out this post in my journal if you are interested or would like to make a request.

Make the Yuletide Gay

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a very lovely beginning to the new decade that we are now in! Many of you already know about (and some of you even participated in!) the yearly popslash Secret Santa exchange, known as Make the Yuletide Gay. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about the bunches of new popslash stories written, particularly the Backstreet ones! Be sure to check it out, and let the authors know if you really liked something! ;)

Direct link to the Backstreet Boys stories is here. Enjoy!